Thursday, August 2, 2012

Inside Nature's Giants 5/18 Great White Shark Documentary streaming

The experts travel to South Africa to dissect a 900kg, 15-foot-long great white shark.

Comparative anatomist Joy Reidenberg uncovers the shark's incredible array of senses, including the ability to detect the electro-magnetic field given off by other creatures.

Veterinary scientist Mark Evans investigates the origins of the shark's infamous killing bite and, out at sea, a bite force test on a live great white shows just how powerful those jaws really are.

Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins explains how sharks' teeth and jaws evolved from their outer skin and gill arches.

And the programme asks whether the animal's reputation as a man killer is really deserved.

Prehistoric Predators Razor Jaws National Geographic Documentary

Prehistoric Predators is a National Geographic Channel documentary that was based on different predators that lived in our past e.g.: Smilodon, Megalodon etc. 

It was featured on Nat Geo during 2007. The series investigate how this beast hunt and fight other creatures that live along with them, and show what drove them into extinction. The show investigative style some what followed by the recent Discovery Channel documentary, Monsters Resurrected.



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